Good ideas don't always work.

Good ideas don't always work.

The U.S. research group of Richard Scott Jr. has published a well-designed randomised controlled study that looked at the potential benefit of a small intra-uterine infusion of the pregnancy hormone, hCG.

The idea behind this study was that the embryo secretes hCG to tell the endometrium to become more receptive. The researchers hoped that by infusing extra hCG in the uterine cavity they could make the endometrial lining even more receptive.

A logical and promising idea but ...

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Is 'freeze all' the future ?

Although it is too soon to know for sure, there is growing evidence that it may be better for mother and baby to postpone a fresh embryo transfer and to freeze all embryos. Studies have shown that ovarian stimulation in an egg retrieval cycle has a negative impact on the endometrium (the lining in the uterus). Although good success rates can be achieved by transferring a fresh embryo, new evidence suggests that frozen embryo transfers result in better outcomes.

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